Immigrant Owned, Carbon Neutral & Worn by 12,000+ Canadians!

Our oceans will soon have more masks than jellyfish!

Why does that matter & what are we doing about it?

It matters because our oceans produce more oxygen than all of the trees combined! But disposable masks in our oceans block this oxygen from being made. What's worse is that they will take 400+ years to breakdown! 

So to stop this disposable mask madness from getting worse & worse, we've created a reusable alternative!


Who are we?

We're immigrant owned, carbon neutral & based out of Waterloo, Ontario!

Generally, we make technical textiles. To do our part, we've invented a new non-medical face covering!

We're still very tiny, so we feel very lucky to be connected to Communitech, Toronto Business Development Centre, and the University of Waterloo!

Who wears us? Employees of:

Who covers us/our founder?

Who do we support?

We support the protection of over a Million sq. ft. (equal in area to about 21 football fields) of the Amazon Rainforest!

The 5 projects we support are:

1: Brazil Nut Concessions (Peru) 2: Agrocortex (Brazil) 3: Alto Huayabamba Conservation (Peru) 4: Jari Para (Brazil) 5: Madre de Dios (Peru)

Finally, we support 16 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals!