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Sweat Free Apparel announces launch (100 US & Canadian cities) of Carbon Neutral Face Coverings, protecting Amazon Rainforest & embracing Crypto!

Sweat Free Apparel - Carbon Neutral, Waterproof, Reusable Face Covering


PRESS RELEASE (Waterloo, Ontario): Sweat Free Apparel, an immigrant owned & carbon neutral retailer, today shares:


Five Big Announcements:

    1. Carbon Neutrality/Amazon Rainforest: We've achieved complete Carbon Neutrality! We are one of the very first retailers to do so. Along the way, we've helped protect an estimated 1.054 Million sq. ft. of the Amazon Rainforest! 
    2. Carbon Neutral Face Covering: That means, our face coverings are also carbon neutral. They're the World's First Reusable, Waterproof & Carbon Neutral Face Covering (Not For Medical Use)!
    3. 100 US & Canadian Cities/Retailer Refugee: We're launching our face coverings today in 100 US & Canadian cities. We're going full steam to fulfill my great grandfather's 100 year old dream! (Retailer turned Refugee turned Retailer)
    4. Cryptocurrency: We're now one of the very first retailers to both accept and embrace Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and over a 100 other Cryptocurrencies. 
    5. Startup Visa Program: We've also been accepted to the Government of Canada's Startup Visa program.


    One Fun Announcement: 


        PS just in case you missed it announcement: 

            • We've also won a contract from Metrolinx (Ontario's transit agency) to provide them 10,000 face coverings!


            Product Description: World's First Reusable, Waterproof & Carbon Neutral Face Covering! (Not For Medical Use)

              • Reusable: The benefit of being reusable is that you only need one per person!
              • Waterproof: The benefit of being waterproof is that no droplet enters or leaves your face covering! 
              • Carbon Neutral: The benefit of being carbon neutral is that there is no net impact on the environment! 


            We achieved all of this without raising a single investor dollar and we plan to remain independent. We're also proof that you can have a massive impact without Silicon Valley or Wall Street. Finally, we couldn't have achieved any of this without the strong support of Communitech, Metrolinx, Toronto Business Development Centre, and the University of Waterloo. We're forever grateful to all of them.


            Chanakya Ramdev

            Founder, Sweat Free Apparel

            +1 (519) 781 - 2381


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