BREAKING: Our support helped protect an estimated 1.054 Million sq. ft. of the Amazon Rainforest! 🙂

Our Challaneges

Like with any small business, the challenges of this pandemic came about and altered the way we needed to do things. Our answer to this change was to use our previously developed technology to create a product that would be able to help people during these times.

While developing our face coverings, we also encountered the challenges of sticking to our moral and environmentally-conscious principles. We knew that going the route of reusable was a no-brainer for us. 

However, our challenges didn’t start there. Since the very beginning, we have faced many obstacles that we’ve been able to overcome. Being an immigrant-owned business, there was much we needed to learn. The language and ability to communicate were only part of it. We also realized that coming to a country where we knew no one, there would be many times where we’d have to figure things out on our own. And so we did, time and time again. However, it only made us stronger and more resilient as we persevered. And now, it makes us feel a sense of gratitude that we can’t even begin to put into words, for all of the support we continue to receive.