BREAKING: Our support helped protect an estimated 1.054 Million sq. ft. of the Amazon Rainforest! 🙂


We are a startup company based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that believes quality shouldn’t compromise sustainability. We began our business with the goal in mind to provide exceptionally made clothing for our customers. Our founder, Chanakya Ramdev, first established Sweat Free Apparel while on an internship in Hong Kong. As he made his way to work every day in a 3-piece suit within this city’s hot temperatures, he realized there was a calling to create clothing that would do more. His initial driving force was to give an upgrade to the technology of our clothing. Creating pieces that would keep individuals cool and free of any unpleasant sweat stains or smells. And thus, Sweat Free Apparel was born. 

More recently, Sweat Free has begun incorporating this similar technology into face coverings. Considering this has become our new normal, it was deemed a necessity for Sweat Free to do its part by providing quality face coverings to the public. 

This shift in focus to start creating these reusable, waterproof face coverings has proven to be a wise decision. Within a time that has been so challenging for so many, this immigrant-owned business has found an answer to at least one of the issues at hand. With these reusable face coverings, the goal is to contain the spread of particles transferring from person to person with the waterproof technology in each and every product. 

The invention of polyester in 1941 was the single biggest breakthrough in the apparel industry in the last 100 years. When we realized that there had been no major improvements in the technology of clothing since then, we decided to change that. We realized that our clothing should do more for us than cling to our backs. They should have our backs. 

We knew we could create something truly revolutionary. But this alone wasn’t our only driving force. You see, our great grandfather ran one of the biggest retailers in India prior to its independence. However, when citizens were dispersed between Pakistan and India, he ended up on the wrong side, losing his business in the process. Now, over 100 years later we are able to continue his dream through the clothing we make. We do what we do because in more ways than one, this was a calling for us. And we chose to answer.