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Africa short term data plan

Africa short term data plan

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This eSIM is meant for your short-term travel to Africa. You can use our eSIM to get connectivity in 24 countries (& from 24 networks)!

You have the following options:







How it works? You pick the option you like. Once you purchase it, we will create a custom E-SIM for you and then email you the instructions on how to activate it.

Please note that not all phones will be compatible with our technology. If you have any doubts, then please chat with us before you make a purchase.

Full list of countries & networks:

Botswana: Mascom

Burkina Faso: Telecel Faso

Central African Republic: Orange

Congo-Brazzaville: MTN

Congo-Kinshasa: Airtel

Cote D'Ivoire: MTN

Eswatini: Eswatini Mobile

Gabon: Airtel

Ghana: MTN

Guinea: MTN

Guinea-Bissau: MTN

Kenya: Airtel

Liberia: Lonestar Cell

Madagascar: Orange

Malawi: Airtel

Namibia: TN Mobile

Niger: Airtel

Nigeria: MTN

Rwanda: MTN

Senegal: Sonatel (Orange)

Sierra Leone: Orange

South Africa: MTN

Uganda: MTN

Zambia: MTN